Ghost Pipefish Philippines © Jody Elliott

Salaya Beach Houses offers the world’s only Ghost Pipefish Distinctive Specialty Course

Negros Oriental in the Philippines is known as the ultimate muck diving paradise, with Dauin being its capital. Diving guests at Salaya Beach Houses can discover a great variety of unusual and exotic marine creatures.

Munich/Dauin, 28th August 2019: Even the rare master of disguise, the ghost pipefish, finds a perfect habitat at the prosperous local dive sites. Salaya Beach Houses is now offering a Specialty course dedicated to these fascinating creatures. This unique Specialty has been approved by both PADI and SSI.

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Shy, well camouflaged and thus hard to find, the ghost pipefish is usually at the top of many macro lover’s bucket list. A total of six species were classified by scientists so far: Armored Ghost Pipefish, Delicate Ghost Pipefish, Halimeda Ghost Pipefish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Robust Halimedia Ghost Pipefish and Roughsnout Ghost Pipefish. They barely show any conspicuous movement, so that they are often mistaken for being a part of their surroundings, therefore often overlooked.

For macro fans and underwater photographers who want to find the master of disguise, the team of Salaya Beach Houses developed a distinctive Specialty course dedicated to these amazing creatures.

Course participants will learn where they live, what they use as camouflage and what they try to imitate, so that they are well equipped to find the various species. In addition, a broad background knowledge on ghost pipefish is imparted. Information on the different species, their life cycle and span, as well as on reproduction is given. Cameras are available for rent to be used during the dives.

The only pre requisites for the two-day course is a (Junior) Open Water Diver certification and a minimum of ten years of age. The Ghost Pipefish Distinctive Specialty Course includes three open water dives, for divers aged twelve and up these can include night dives, providing even more opportunities for bizarre once-in-a-lifetime encounters. During the dives, participants will search for ghost pipefish, observe their behaviour, look for parasites, identify their sex and – of course – film and photograph them. The emphasis is always on a non-intrusive interaction with (all) marine life; guests are encouraged to observe and learn without affecting the animals.

The guest’s footage and pictures will be reviewed after the dives. Because there is not much known about the fascinating creatures, the team of Salaya Beach Houses is keeping a log of the sightings and is building a library to which participants can contribute their own pictures and video footage.

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