Fidschi - Welthauptstadt der Weichkorallen

Many of us probably have a rather romantic idea of the Fiji Islands. We think of William Bligh and Captain Cook, of the carefreeness and hospitality of the inhabitants towards the adventurers of those days. We imagine turquoise-green water, white sandy beaches and sloping palm trees. Not without good reason – of course there are all those things, but they are less common than you might think. Instead, one can get to know an exciting foreign culture, enjoy fantastic diving and really good food.

The islands are located in the South Pacific north of New Zealand and east of Australia. In other words: On the other side of the world. And the country and its people can best be compared not with Hulahula-Hawaii, but with New Zealand, which is predominantly kind of European. What is true, however, is the unprejudiced friendliness of the people, wherever they may have originally come from.

The capital Suva is located on the island of Viti Levu – just like our Best Boutique Collection member “Volivoli Beach Resort”. From the resort’s dive centre “Ra Divers”, you can reach dozens of dive sites with three boats, where you can hardly get out of your astonishment in constantly warm water. Healthy coral reefs, numerous gorgonians and colourful walls impressively proof that less polluted ecosystems still exist on our planet. At a depth of 10-30 metres, 1.500 species of fish live among 390 coral species. Sometimes the flower animals form a colourful potpourri, sometimes a never-ending uniformity of shades of only one colour. But: also around Fiji “El Niño” found its victims in the past, some coral banks are more or less affected by the so-called coral bleaching, while other areas begin to recover. Nevertheless, Fiji offers divers and snorkellers a lot of variety in its colorful underwater world. Jean Michel Cousteau, grandson of the famous dive pioneer, shares our view and describes Fiji as follows: “The unparalleled choice of excellent diving sites and the sheer biodiversity of the reefs of the Fiji Islands is overwhelming”. There’s no better way to sum it up!

So that’s why Fiji is called the soft coral capital of the world. And Volivoli Beach Resort is located right in the heart of it.