Green, greener, Philippines. Not only the agriculture with its seemingly endless rice terraces and the orchards give the eye on Bohol more greens than you can name, even the unique round hills of the Chocolate Hills are covered in green once the dry season has ended.

The strangely uniformly shaped hills, made of limestone and between 40 and 120 meters high, have given puzzles to entire hosts of scientists and geologists. Meanwhile, some of them have come to the conclusion that there was a shallow water area several million years ago, in which, among other, corals and sea-dwellers were present whose remains were deposited in those very hills. After the sea level sank, various uplifts and subsidence of the soil, due to subduction (= submission of earth plates) and secondary volcanic events, the material breached to the surface. The erosion started and hence created this impressive hilly landscape.

The Chocolate Hills only honor their name during the dry season when the alang-alang-grass vegetation is dehydrated and the hills turn chocolate-brown. During the wet or rainy season, the hills shimmer in the brightest shades of green.

The journey time from the Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa to the Chocolate Hills is less than two hours.