We appreciate your interest in the Best Boutique Collection and are happy to support your individual research trips and ideas for editorial coverage or a media coooperation.

Your contact person for all press and social media inquiries is:
Judith Hoppe
pr [at] best-boutique-collection.com
phone: +49-89-673 78 619
Whatsapp: +49-1573-850 2497
Skype: judithhoppe

If you would like to visit one or several of our member hotels, please send us an e-mail along with the following information:

  • Name of publication
  • Country of publication
  • Distribution/Circulation/Follower/Fans
  • Story angle/Research idea
  • Which member(s) would you like to visit?
  • Length of stay/travel dates per member
  • Special requests
  • Will you post any content during your stay on social media networks? If yes, please specify the scope and details where you will post.
  • Is there anything else we should now or take care of?