Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort: Ready to go!

The multi-award winning dive resort is well prepared for the restart of the tourism industry

Munich/Bunaken, 20th April 2021: The resort shines in new splendour, and all staff members could continue to be employed due to the renovation and beautification measures.

Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort

The months-long forced break due to the Covid virus was used as well as possible to implement improvements and upgrades. The majority of the changes did not concern the resort itself, but the island of Bunaken as a whole and the lives of its inhabitants.

“Despite the desperate state of our entire industry, we didn’t want to leave any of our 80 staff members without an income,” explains Simon Wallace, who, together with his wife Elaine, runs the resort, which has been voted “Indonesia’s Leading Dive Resort” by the World Travel Awards for the last three years in a row.

Instead, they agreed with management on salary adjustments to keep all the jobs. “It’s not like we don’t have work because guests can’t get to us anymore,” he reports, “our new managers Ed Regeer and Shu Ming Chueng ordered new roofs for the cottages, renewal of walkways and bridges, reinforcement of the jetty, renovation of our dive boats, an enlargement of our organic garden and renovation of the fences. We subcontracted many of the activities to locally based craftsmen to contribute to their survival as well! Whenever possible, we buy materials and tools from local sources.”

The Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa provides fresh water to all residents of the island – the resort is the only source of fresh water anyway. In addition, the resort supplies fresh water and building materials for the renovation of the nearby “Balai Ranger Station”. Employees help with labour and materials in the development of the only “motorbike path” (as there are no cars on Bunaken, there is also no corresponding road) and is an elementary part of an emergency rescue chain with trained staff and its boats.

“And we are constantly disposing of rubbish. Our own, of course, but especially the rubbish that keeps washing up here from everywhere.” Simon Wallace explains.
“We are looking forward to our guests who had to cancel and will now arrive at a later date. And to those who would like to take advantage of our extremely flexible booking system. We are ready.”

For further information on Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa, please visit: www.bunakenoasis.com or