Vollgesichtsmasken im Amun Ini Beach Resort

Amun Ini Beach Resort offers PADI Speciality for full-face mask in the Philippines

Full-face diving masks are no longer a novelty. Yet, the masks have mainly been used by professional divers. However, the masks offer several advantages which also allow recreational divers an utterly new underwater experience.

Munich/Anda, March 5th 2020: With its PADI Speciality course for full-face masks, Amun Ini is setting new trends for diving and snorkelling alike.

Ocean Reef Full-face masks at Amun Ini Beach Resort

Bigs Eggert already got used to the curious looks she gets whenever she puts on her Ocean Reef full-face diving mask. Admittedly, the bulky mask looks almost a bit weird at first sight. However, full-face masks offer significant advantages for divers and snorkellers alike. To introduce the masks and their benefits, Amun Ini offers the PADI Speciality course for full-face masks.

As the name suggests, full-face masks do not only cover eyes and nose but also the mouth making a separate breathing regulator obsolete as it is already integrated. The significant advantage comes from the fact that divers can now breathe through nose and mouth, just like on the surface.

Full-face masks also lack the typical nasal jail. To enable pressure equalisation anyway, full-face masks have two small, round silicone plugs. These can be adjusted to closing the nostrils entirely, so the pressure equalisation can easily be carried out. It may take some getting used to at first, but it works perfectly.

Visibility underwater is also greatly improved. As the pressure is continuously adapting, the masks prevent water from flowing in. Because the air is directed over a visor when inhaled, the masks don’t fog up and give an even clearer view. In addition, full-face masks have a special gazing which further enlarges the field of vision underwater.

Full-face masks also allow for easier communication underwater. Ocean Reef diving masks can be equipped with an additional microphone which is a great advantage especially for demanding dives.

The benefits of the full-face mask can also be experienced while snorkelling. In contrast to the diving masks, every full-face snorkelling mask contains a built-in „Snorki Talky.“ With this, snorkelers can be informed from the boat and be made aware of what is worth seeing.

Bigs Eggert has been convinced by the benefits of the full-face mask. Guests at Amun Ini thus can learn how to choose the right mask, put it on, adjust it and handle it underwater with the distinctive PADI Specialty course. „Many divers were surprised how easy it is to use the mask“, reveals Bigs Eggert.

Both visitors and locals highly benefit from this. Palau’s underwater world has always been vibrant with life, which led the discoverer and diving pioneer Jacques Cousteau to say that Palau is one of the best diving areas of the world. He is right; pelagic encounters happen every day, water temperatures are pleasant and the visibility is good. Well over 1.000 species of fish of all sizes can be observed not only by divers but also by all those exploring the waters of the Rock Island swimming and snorkeling.

Divers and snorkellers who want to experience the benefits of the full-face mask at Amun Ini can find more information on www.amunini.com/diving.

Youtube video on how to dive with a full-face mask: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8znJPVUXmk

For more information on Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa, please visit www.amunini.com or


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